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An African Learning Story,

Aminata & Ousman.

Hi, I am Ousman.
I live near Serekunda, Gambia, West-Africa. I will tell you more about me and my older sister Aminata.

As you can see, our family does not live in big wealth.

Our dad, Seikou, knows Luc and his wife Ellen from T&C very well.
So... in a way, we are very lucky.

Read more about that...
Hi. Aminata here with my little brother in school uniform!

Most of the kids in our small village goes to a public school. As you probably know, offical education in Africa isn't always of great quality...

Well, ... the good news is that thanks to our Belgian family, we are able to follow our lessons in a Lutherian School which guarantees a higher level of education...

Ousman here! I show you my last report!

As you can see, I finished my 3rd Nursery class.
Believe me, I did my best. OK, my teacher thinks of course that it can be always better. But you know, I like playing football too...But next year, I promise, I'll go for an even better performance. 

Hi there. It's Aminata. This is my school report. 

I finished my third class in lower school with a fourth position. I am proud. My teacher's opinion? An excellent performance.

And you know what? Everytime my report goes from Gambia to Belgium... I am even more proud. On the result and on my learning family! 

Here's the whole family. Yes, We celebrate learning! 

 And you know what? We look forward to seeing each other again!

Covid was in the Gambia too. 2020-2021?
School wasn't always open.

We grow up! Can you see? School was not always open during the pandemy over the last 2 years... But we did our very best as good as it could. Of course our parents encouraged us to fill the learning gap. And we did. Below we share with you our school reports at the beginning of 2022! As you see, thanks to our "family" in Belgium, we continue to become better and/or stable students.

Oops! Corona? Difficult times.
But... here are my first schoolresults from 2022.
Greetings, Aminata.


Honest? I am proud.
After returning to school I did my very best.
I promised my promotors in Belgium during our latest telephone call to go for the extra mile. 
We talked also about the future. 
I still keep on dreaming to study into a medical care direction. 
My "familiy" in Belgium are big supporters of this idea. 

I have to tell you...
I shifted my focus from playing towards school and study!
Love, Ousman.

My big sister is my great example.
I have to admit, during the pandemy, I played a lot.
The Belgian Red Devils inspire me. But Luc and Ellen too.
When the school doors opened back up in our country, I stepped up a gear!
Can you see? I will keep my teacher's advice in mind: keep studying harder.

June, 2022. Hello Everybody. I just got my diploma! 
Yes, indeed, I just received my certificate of Lower Basic. And you know what? I was the first of a group of over 60 pupils. 

Successful lower school completion? Let's have a party!  
When I arrived at home, I had a party with the whole family.
Here you can see I like to share pie with my lovely Mom. 

A few impressions to to get acquainted with our family in The Gambia.


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